How To Make Money With Blog And Content On The Internet?

The idea of ​​creating ads to appear on your site seems to be sensational, but in the long run does not work.

This is because there are several tools that block this type of advertisement, which makes this strategy no longer as safe and efficient.

If you still have questions about this, think about how many ads you watch the whole and how many you just go through.

Certainly, the number of ads skipped is much higher than the watched. But why do companies continue to invest in this type of monetization?

Why it invariably works but should not be seen as the only way to make money from blogging.

So how do you make money from a blog?

A good way to get more readers and consequently greater monetization is to have authority in what you say.

To gain the position of reference in the subject you address requires knowledge and research, as well as diversification of content.

The more you demonstrate that you master the subject you address, the more confidence your readers will have in what you write.

To answer this question, you need to know the inbound marketing, if you want to know more about, see our complete article.

This is one of the criteria of how to make money with blog, because although some people have much knowledge on the subject it is possible that is the relevance of the blog delays to appear.

Another important point is to have knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is nothing more than to use strategies to optimize the search tools organic way in Google through keywords.

Best Ways to Make Money with Blog

As you have seen, you can make money with blog, see some tips:

Affiliate Marketing – Your business affiliates with some product and puts the sales link on your website and media. That way, when a customer buys the product directly from your site’s link, your business gets a percentage;

Selling own products – having an e-commerce brings more results (and more work) to the company itself.

Access to unique content – you can leave some content with free access but choose to leave the most elaborate to those who subscribe to your site. That way, you get a more engaged and loyal audience to your content.

Invisible selling – in the virtual world people are looking for free solutions. What, for the most part is practically impossible, but swimming against the tide may not be the best choice. This does not mean that you should offer your products and services for free, but rather should make the sale invisible. That is nothing more than a “disguised” sale of recommendation. In this way, the reader will be induced to the CTA and consequently the purchase.

Free Content – It seems to be kind of weird about this strategy as a way to make money. But if you make free content that is memorable, your readers will trust your work and the chances of becoming a customer are great.

Sell ​​online course – a great way to earn money on the internet is to sell an online course to pass on your knowledge.